Ooze Twist | Smart USB Charger


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OVERCHARGE PROTECTION | Ooze Smart USB Chargers greatly extend the overall life of the vape pen battery by preserving battery cells. The charger will automatically stop the energy flow from the power source to the battery as soon as the battery reaches a full charge.

510 THREAD | Compatible with most pen style vape pen batteries. Insert the USB end into a wall adapter, do not plug into a computer, laptop, or gaming console.

CHARGING LIGHTS | A colored light on the front of the charger indicates if the battery is still charging. While charging, the charger light will be red, and the battery light illuminated. Once fully charged, the charger light turns green and the battery light will shut off.

WARRANTY | All Ooze batteries must be charged with an Ooze brand charger for the warranty to be valid, due to the included safety features. The use of a non-Ooze charger will immediately void the Ooze warranty.

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