Meta-Flora Naked Salve

This Naked Salve is a no-frills formulation created with sensitivities in mind. Created in small batches from Meta-Flora’s extracted hemp oil, no essential oils are added, which makes this salve an excellent choice for folks that have sensitivities to smells.

Naked salve is also ideal for those desiring a mostly fragrance free option. We say mostly because Naked salve is a terpene rich product, therefore the natural fragrance of hemp terpenes is still detectable.



Hand Crafted CBD Botanicals for Wellness

Naked salve is an excellent choice for skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, burns and for issues on more sensitive areas, such as the face (avoid the eye area).

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  1. Ramsee Parrish

    Our son has severe eczema and we have tried EVERYTHING. The doctors have prescribed tons of topical ointments and medications to try and alleviate his flare ups and nothing has worked. We picked up some of this last weekend and in a matter of 2 days we saw a huge improvement. We’re one week in and his skin looks amazing. We are so thankful to have found this and we will continue to purchase this from now on! He’s only 3 and even he has told us that he’s not itching anymore! Highly highly recommend!!!

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