Enjoy Hemp | CBD + CBG Cartridge | 500mg | Disposable

Blue Dream is a Sativa strain that tastes like a dream with aromatic berries.

CBG is known for its restorative effects in the body and mind making it the perfect cannabinoid that may help you find pain relief and fight stress/anxiety.

Each vape is filled with 500 mg CBD+CBG (350 mg of CBD and 150 mg of CBG). It comes pre-filled and pre-charged, so it is ready for you!


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Fully Rechargeable

Fully Lab tested for purity and potency

280mAh battery

No fillers (VG, PG, Vitamin E Acetate)

800+ puffs

Pre-Charged and Pre-Filled


All of our products are independently lab tested for potency as well as heavy metals, pesticides, and toxins to ensure your products are pure.

Ingredients: CBD, CBG, and Natural Cannabis Derived Terpenes.

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Weight.8 oz

Relief, Blue Dream


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